US Navy MASK basin

In 2007 Edinburgh Designs were awarded the contract to upgrade the Manuvering And Sea Keeping (MASK) basin, the worlds largest wave test facility, for the US Navy.  The original pneumatic wavemakers from the 1950s are currently being replaced with 216 flap wavemakers which will provide more accurate wave generation and greatly reduce the amount of calibration users must perform to create the desired wave conditions.  The installation was completed in December 2013; in the first six months of operation the machine clocked up over 600 hours of wave generation time.


  • Paddles are 658mm wide x 2500mm hinge depth
  • 216 flap wavemakers arranged on two sides of the basin and linked via a curve.
  • Peak wave power is approximately 1MW.
  • Basin dimensions: 106x76x6m deep.


The video below shows the MASK basin upgrade